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Notesnook v1.6.0: Encrypted File Attachments, Notification Notes, Compact Mode & Widgets!

When we started out Notesnook, our primary goal was to make a 100% private note taking app that was simple, fast, and complete. Little did we know that we'd be compared with Evernote — a note taking app 20 years in the making.

After about a month and a half of battling with encryption, S3 APIs, bugs, and testing, we are finally here with version 1.6.0 — a release that brings us very, very close to completeness.

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React Native JSI: Part 2 - Converting Native Modules to JSI Modules

React Native JSI seems daunting but JSI is, by far, the best way to deliver native performance. And the best part? No unnecessary Promise based APIs. No unnecessary conversion of parameters. No overhead. Everything happens on a single layer giving the best possible performance (and the best interopability).

Privacy on WhatsApp: Are We Ready for a World Without Privacy of Data?

In early January of 2021, Whatsapp gave an ultimatum to its 2 billion-plus userbase: accept our updated privacy policy or leave. Privacy on Whatsapp was already a controversial topic but this public ultimatum tipped the bucket.

But a lot of people already knew that privacy on Whatsapp is a joke. Whatsapp had made similar privacy policy updates before. And it had never received such a riotous response from its users. What had changed?

React Native JSI: Part 1 - Getting Started

React Native JSI (Javascript Interface) is the new layer that helps in communication between Javascript and Native Platforms easier and faster. It is the core element in re-architecture of React Native with Fabric UI Layer and Turbo Modules.

Notesnook v1.4: Monographs, UI Updates, and Yearly Plan

After months of bug fixes and minor improvements, we are finally adding new stuff. This release took weeks to finalize but it was worth it bringing note publishing via Monographs, many UI improvements, bug fixes, and a new yearly plan. Exciting stuff!