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Abdullah Atta

Introducing Notesnook: A Private Note Taking Alternative to Evernote

Notesnook - A secure and private note taking app that works on all platforms.

Back in November of 2019 when Notesnook was still a dream, we asked this very question. Why do we have to sacrifice convenience, ease of use, features, and our time to achieve privacy (which is supposed to be our basic human right)? And so Notesnook was born.

We had a simple checklist in mind:

  1. No compromise on security and user privacy.
  2. No sacrifice on important note taking features (e.g. note locking, attachments, exports, robust organization, integrations with other apps, customization, feature rich text editor etc.).
  3. Provide a simple, easy to use user interface.
  4. ~99% feature parity across platforms.
  5. Zero user lock-in - use standard formats and allow users to export/backup to any format they want.
  6. And of course, encrypted notes syncing that actually worked.
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