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NotesnookNovember 02, 2021

Notesnook v1.6.0: Encrypted File Attachments, Notification Notes, Compact Mode & Widgets!

After about a month and a half of battling with encryption, S3 APIs, bugs, and testing, we are finally here with version 1.6.0.
Abdullah Atta
By Abdullah Atta
CEO & Lead developer
NotesnookJune 20, 2021

Why We Made Another Note Taking App?

There are many online notepad and note taking apps. All can be used for writing notes. But none care about privacy of data. Notesnook is here to change that.
NotesnookJuly 08, 2021

A More Native Desktop Experience, Faster Sync, Vault Deletion & Improved Account Security

This release feels more like v1.5 than v1.4.1 but eh... there's now a more native desktop experience, a faster sync, better security, and improved UX.

Notesnook v1.4: Monographs, UI Updates, and Yearly Plan

June 26, 2021
Abdullah Atta
By Abdullah Atta
CEO & Lead developer