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Notesnook v3.0.10

Fixed 5 bugs via 6 commits. Fixed weird UI glitches when scrolling in different lists, Pro popup is now shown only if there are images when pasting, and markdown shortcuts are working again.
Abdullah AttaJuly 10, 2024

Notesnook v3.0.7

Fixed 15+ bugs via 42 commits. Themable title bar, logs are now stored in a SQLite database, 10x faster web app loading, and bring back undo/redo buttons.
Abdullah AttaJune 03, 2024

Notesnook v3.0.3

Fixed 15+ bugs via 40 commits. Replaced force sync with separate force push & force pull buttons, added various fixes to real-time sync, improved editor reliability on mobile & fixed export of locked notes.
Abdullah AttaMay 10, 2024

Notesnook v3.0.1

Fixed 20+ bugs via 65+ commits. SQL based search, improved editor performance & multiline search replace in editor.
Abdullah AttaMay 01, 2024

What's new in v2.6.0

Custom themes, improved copy/pasting, more reliable attachments uploading and more!
Abdullah AttaAugust 09, 2023

May 2023 in Review

Attachment previews, new attachment manager, Notesnook on F-Droid and more!
Abdullah AttaJune 01, 2023

Introducing Notesnook for Education

A new step towards making Notesnook accessible and private for everyone. Privacy is not just for the priviledged few — it's for everyone.
Abdullah AttaNovember 01, 2022

Improving User Account Security with Two-factor Authentication

Our 1st priority was always to make our users' notes secure, and 2FA was a huge step towards that. Learn how we added 2-factor authentication & why we made certain decisions.
Abdullah AttaMarch 25, 2022

A More Native Desktop Experience, Faster Sync, Vault Deletion & Improved Account Security

This release feels more like v1.5 than v1.4.1 but eh... there's now a more native desktop experience, a faster sync, better security, and improved UX.
Abdullah AttaJuly 08, 2021

Why We Made Another Note Taking App?

There are many online notepad and note taking apps. All can be used for writing notes. But none care about privacy of data. Notesnook is here to change that.
Abdullah AttaJune 20, 2021

Notesnook v3.0.9

Fixed 15+ bugs via 28 commits. Fixed web app for mobile browsers, images now automatically get removed on paste for non-Pro users, and real-time editor sync now works again.
Abdullah AttaJuly 08, 2024

Notesnook v3.0.5

Fixed 10+ bugs via 37 commits. Improved conflict handling during sync, fixed web app on Safari, added support for duplicating locked notes, brought back `Ctrl + F` to search all notes, and fixed search/replace in editor.
Abdullah AttaMay 16, 2024

Notesnook v3.0.2

Fixed 10+ bugs via 24 commits. Attachment manager for logged out users, much improved attachment handling fixing a couple of critical issues, pre-v3 backups no longer throw errors, and many other fixes.
Abdullah AttaMay 05, 2024

Introducing Notesnook v3

From August 2023 to April 2024, after 8 months, 1000+ commits, and countless sleepless nights v3 is finally here — the biggest, most feature packed release in the history of Notesnook.
Abdullah AttaApril 29, 2024

Notesnook is on Privacy Guides

Notesnook is now (finally & officially) recommended by the Privacy Guides — the de-facto resource for well-vetted & truly privacy friendly alternatives.
Abdullah AttaJune 27, 2023

Telemetry in Notesnook: Opt-in vs Opt-out

To opt-in or not to opt-in. That is the question. Which is more ethical? Opt-in? Opt-out? Zero telemetry?
Abdullah AttaFebruary 15, 2023

Notesnook is going open source!

I am so excited to open source Notesnook this month! This blog will give you a clear idea about why we are open sourcing, what we aim to accomplish & how you can help.
Abdullah AttaAugust 09, 2022

Notesnook v1.6.0: Encrypted File Attachments, Notification Notes, Compact Mode & Widgets!

After about a month and a half of battling with encryption, S3 APIs, bugs, and testing, we are finally here with version 1.6.0.
Abdullah AttaNovember 02, 2021

Notesnook v1.4: Monographs, UI Updates, and Yearly Plan

This release brings note publishing via Monographs, many UI improvements, bug fixes, and a new yearly plan.
Abdullah AttaJune 26, 2021