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Notesnook v3.0.10

Abdullah AttaJuly 10, 2024

Notesnook v3.0.10 fixes 5 bugs via 6 commits. Fixed weird UI glitches when scrolling in different lists, Pro popup is now shown only if there are images when pasting, and markdown shortcuts are working again.

Previous releases:

  • v3.0.9 fixes 15+ bugs via 28 commits. Fixed web app for mobile browsers, images now automatically get removed on paste for non-Pro users, and real-time editor sync now works again.
  • v3.0.8 fixes a critical bug where the app would crash on start up if app lock was enabled.
  • v3.0.7 fixes 15+ bugs via 42 commits. Themable title bar, logs are now stored in a SQLite database, 10x faster web app loading, and undo/redo buttons are back.

Fixed crashes when running the web app in older browsers

Notesnook heavily depends on OPFS for SQLite to function properly. For older browsers we also provide an IndexedDB based fallback. Since OPFS doesn't currently support access to the same database from multiple tabs, we have also implemented a shared service which basically shares the same connection across tabs. This works for the OPFS backend but fails spectacularly when the IndexedDB backend is used.

It turns out browsers natively support multi tab access in IndexedDB so there's no need to use our shared service when using the IndexedDB backend. This fix is similar to the one we made for Notesnook to run on mobile browsers in v3.0.9.

Fixed markdown shortcuts not working in editor

This was caused by a fix we added in order to support changing editor settings without restarting the editor. However, TipTap currently doesn't support reusing the same editor while refreshing the plugins/extensions so it caused various issues in different extensions and also broke the markdown shortcuts for almost everything.

In this release, we have applied an alternative way to support changing editor settings in real time.

Fixed Pro popup shown even if text is pasted

This was mostly due to laziness: we were checking (and showing the popup) for images access even if there were no img tags in the pasted content.

Fixed scroll glitches in tags & other lists

These scroll glitches have been there since v3.0.0, and were being caused by wrong default item size being given to the underlying list renderer. Notesnook heavily uses virtualization to render insane amount of items, but that means we have no idea exactly how large the list can be so we use the next best thing: a rough estimate.

The glitch was occuring because the list's estimate of the total height was 2x more than the actual height.

Read the full commit history here.

Abdullah Atta
Abdullah AttaLead developer of Notesnook
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