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Notesnook v1.6.0: Encrypted File Attachments, Notification Notes, Compact Mode & Widgets!

Abdullah AttaNovember 02, 2021

When we started out Notesnook, our primary goal was to make a 100% private note taking app that was simple, fast, and complete. Little did we know that we'd be compared with Evernote --- a note taking app 20 years in the making.

After about a month and a half of battling with encryption, S3 APIs, bugs, and testing, we are finally here with version 1.6.0 --- a release that brings us very, very close to completeness.

Encrypted File Attachments

Encrypted attachments are fun. You can add any file from your device and be sure that no one can see it except you. With this release we are happy to announce that you can now attach any file, image, video or document in Notesnook.

We have built the attachments system in such a way that all your attachments are locally shared --- which means re-attaching the same file doesn't create a duplicate.

Every Notesnook Pro user will get unlimited file storage --- the only limit is that one file must be under 500 MB in total size.

You can attach any type of file up to 500 MB in size

Bulletproof syncing

One of the main capabilities of Notesnook is syncing and as many of you soon realized, it wasn't the best. There were a few problems that we addressed:

  1. Prior to v1.6.0 images were embedded into the note which meant that if you changed even a single character it'd reupload the whole note. A sure abuse of bandwidth and processing power. This is no longer the case --- all images are now added as attachments and sync independently from a note.
  2. Sync conflicts. Annoying, annoying, annoying, especially when they happen on the same device you are working on. With this release, we have improved the conflict detection logic to ensure a few things:
    1. No conflicts on the same device, ever.
    2. No conflicts when you have the same note opened on another device.
    3. No conflicts when you are working on a different note on another device.
    4. All conflicts that happen under a minute of each other will be automatically resolved.
  3. Faster syncing. While the automatic sync interval remains the same (5 seconds), the overall performance of syncing should be much better.
  4. We also tracked down and stopped unnecessary sync requests (causing majority of the sync conflicts) --- this will greatly reduce the bandwidth usage.

Take a Note from Notification Drawer

This release enables any user to take notes directly from their notification drawer. This is useful in cases where you want to quickly note down a phone number or an address without switching context.

Pin Notes to Notifications

Aside from taking a note from the Notification Drawer, you can also pin any note to the Notification Drawer.

Pin an important note to notifications
Take notes from notifications in Notesnook

Share to Note

While it was possible to share anything to Notesnook before, it would always be added as a new note. This wasn't especially useful if you were taking notes, say, for a book or clipping information from the Internet. In this release, we have added the ability to append anything to any note from anywhere on your phone.

Clip text and other information from the web
Append shared text to existing notes

New Widgets on Android & iOS

With this release we have also added new Quick Note widgets for iOS & Android.

Notesnook widget for android on home screen
Notesnook widget on iOS on home screen

A more compact...compact mode

Let's be honest. The compact mode on the web & desktop version wasn't really compact at all. You could barely fit up to 10 notes on a single screen. With v1.6.0, the new compact mode allows you to easily fit upto 20 notes on a 1080p screen.

A much, much more compact mode
A much, much more compact mode

Try the new version

As always, all these features are 100% cross-platform. You can install our Android & iOS apps from their respective stores.

For desktop, you can go and download for your platform from our website.

For quickly trying out the new version, you can just use our web app.

Ready to go pro?

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Stay updated

We recommend that you follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server to stay up to date with all the new features coming to Notesnook. We also provide 24/7 support to all our users on Discord.

Abdullah Atta
Abdullah AttaLead developer of Notesnook
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