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Notesnook v3.0.2

Abdullah AttaMay 05, 2024

Notesnook v3.0.2 fixes 10+ bugs via 24 commits. Attachment manager for logged out users, much improved attachment handling fixing a couple of critical issues, pre-v3 backups no longer throw errors, and many other fixes.

Previous releases:

  • v3.0.1 fixes 20+ bugs via 65+ commits. This release adds SQL based search, improves editor performance & add support for multiline search replace in editor.

Attachment manager is now accessible without logging in

This is especially useful when you are restoring backups in order to see find or restore a specific attachment without first logging into an account.

Fixed unnecessary attachment overwriting during sync conflict

There was a logical error in our sync process causing all attachments to get overwritten with their locally cached files removed. This logic was added to handle the edge case where 2 devices upload the same attachment. However, it also triggered when that wasn't the case.

This bug is also the reason why your locally cached images & PDFs sometimes get removed and have to be redownloaded.

Fixed account recovery redirecting to the sign up page

This issue was surprising especially because we didn't touch anything related to auth or account recovery in v3. Turns out we were double initializing the SQLite database during the authentication step which throws a Driver not initialized error. Any error during the authentication step just redirects the user to the sign up page (this is probably not a good idea and we should show the actual error instead).

This has now been fixed and account recovery should work as before.

Fixed unnecessary attachment uploading on a failed recheck

There was a really weird issue causing an attachment to unnecessarily be marked for uploading any time an error occured during download or recheck. The constantly happened even if the error was due to a network issue.

Fixed Invalid backup on restoring some backups

Last year when we changed our backup format to a .zip file, we used to store an empty .nnbackup file for "verification" purposes. Unfortunately, when taking a backup before migrating to v3, this empty file wasn't written to the backup file causing the Invalid backup error on restore.

In this release, we have removed this check as it wasn't very foolproof in the first place. This means that trying to restore a random .zip as a backup file will probably fail in some other unexpected way.

(Properly) fixed Please login to create an encrypted backup. error during migration

In v3.0.1 we fixed this error but the root cause was not addressed. When you migrate to v3 from v2 app, it takes an automatic backup. This backup is taken using the "legacy" backup logic that doesn't use SQLite etc.

The problem occured when due to some unexpected reason, the user's account information got removed from the legacy database. This made the app think that the user wasn't logged in and, hence, threw the error.

Since the most important thing is to backup the data before migration (not the encryption), the app now automatically turns encryption off if it cannot find the user when taking the "legacy" backup. NOTE: This is only for legacy backups. Taking a v3 backups with encryption turned on but without user information will still throw an error.

Other fixes

  • Fix image picker on mobile by @ammarahm-ed #5304
  • Fix n.startsWith is not a function by @ammarahm-ed #5266
  • Fix attachment grouping and adds logging by @ammarahm-ed #5267
  • Fix note not opening from pinned notifications by @ammarahm-ed #5300
  • Fix crash due to unsanitized sort options by @alihamuh #5324
Abdullah Atta
Abdullah AttaLead developer of Notesnook
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