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Introducing Notesnook for Education

Abdullah AttaNovember 01, 2022

1st of November, the start of Winter and I am super excited to announce that we are launching Notesnook for Education plan that'll allow all students, teachers & faculty members to enjoy Notesnook Pro at an affordable price of just 9.99 USD/yr. If you are a student or a faculty member, just fill out this form to claim the discount.

What Notesnook offers to students

Notesnook poses itself as a complete note taking solution & tries to stay out of your where while you do your work. I know that sounds like gibberish but give it a try. We have done our very best to make the UX as smooth as possible:

  1. There are no new concepts to learn — it's just note taking.
  2. There are multiple ways to organize your notes.
  3. We offer a single no-nonsense editor that'll fit your every need.
  4. To top that all off you can share your notes using Monographs to anyone in the world (and even protect them with a password).
  5. You can attach 100% encrypted attachments by default so all your PDFs, slides, videos & documents are safe.
  6. Since Notesnook works on every device with 100% feature parity, you don't have to worry about always carrying a laptop with you. Just pull up the Notesnook app on your phone and start editing.
  7. Notesnook also offers built-in exports in PDF, HTML & Markdown (other formats are in the works).

With that said, there are some limitations that we are working on:

  1. There is no drawing/handwriting support.
  2. Things like PDFs & documents needed to be downloaded before viewing.
  3. Attachments cannot be directly shared.

If any of the above will affect your workflow, I recommend waiting until we sort these out before fully migrating. You can keep an eye on our roadmap & follow us on Twitter to know when these features land.

Why not free?

I am aware how some products out there give out a completely free option to educators & students and while we aspire towards that it is not realistic for a startup at our scale. We are just starting out and need all the help we can get — this includes subscriptions, documentation, support etc. But we didn't want to use that as an excuse which is why we are offering Notesnook Pro to educators & students at our lowest possible price i.e. 9.99 USD/yr.

Closing note

With this new plan I am hoping more students & teachers will be encouraged to adopt private alternatives. Privacy is a global issue & each of us has to fight against the Information Mafia that wants to spy on us and use our data for their own nefarious purposes. Any step in that direction is a step in the right direction.

Abdullah Atta
Abdullah AttaLead developer of Notesnook
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