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It's time to leave Bitwarden

Bitwarden recently raised a $100M seed fund. What does this mean for you as a user? Is Bitwarden going to become another example of what happens when innocent looking startups get seed funded?
Abdullah AttaSeptember 06, 2022

Is DuckDuckGo Search & Browser Really Private?

I don't trust Microsoft and consequentially I can't trust DuckDuckGo. Microsoft holds all the cards when it comes to DuckDuckGo which is a ticking bomb. In short, can DuckDuckGo exist without Bing? No.
Abdullah AttaMay 27, 2022

Why Notesnook Requires an Email Address

Email is a necessary part of our digital lives & learning to share it safely is essential for our online privacy. Learn why Notesnook continues to require an email address during sign up instead of a more anonymous approach.
Abdullah AttaJuly 30, 2022

Privacy on WhatsApp: Are We Ready for a World Without Privacy of Data?

We are unknowingly beckoning the devil: a world where our every word will be watched and sold. The changes to Whatsapp privacy policy are a clear indication.
Abdullah AttaJuly 26, 2021